"Move America Forward" (how original)

Republican Strategist Behind Efforts to Intimidate Theater Owners

13 June 2004, Cosmic Iguana

According to Cosmic Iguana,

"A web site has launched a campaign to deter theater owners from showing Michael Moore's film, Fahrenheit 9-11. A list of theaters currently committed to showing the film is provided along with exhortations to call and demand that the film be dropped. Some theater owners are reporting receiving death threats.

This web site, 'www.moveamericaforward.org,' is actually an alias for 'www.moveamericaforward.com.' A DNS check reveals that 'www.moveamericaforward.com' is being run by a public relations firm out of [Sacramento], Russo Marsh & Rogers...

...Russo Marsh & Rogers is a political public relations firm with strong ties to the GOP. Sal Russo, a principle in Russo Marsh & Rogers, served as advisor for the 'Recall Grey Davis' campaign..."

Cosmic Iguana also writes that "moveamericaforward.com" has since changed its registrant name from Sal Russo to Howard Kaloogian.

Domain Name:MOVEAMERICAFORWARD.ORG Created On:18-Nov-2003 18:00:16 UTC Last Updated On:12-Jun-2004 22:50:51 UTC Registrant Name:Howard Kaloogian

Note the Kaloogian endorsements (Schlafly, Dobson) - and his biography- for more about connections and motivation.

U.S. Senate Candidate Kaloogian was one of the key players behind the successful campaign against CBS/Viacom- to prevent them from airing the Reagan miniseries. See DefendReagan.org

After the Grey recall and success in the campaign against CBS, I would imagine that they are feeling fairly confident as they launch this latest smear campaign- and that they have, no doubt, a massive e-mail distribution network.

[... of course, you may also use the list of theaters provided to call or write to express your support-- and to thank theaters for showing Michael Moore's film.]

Fahrenheit 9-11 is scheduled to open in theatres on June 25.


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