The neo-anti-Semitism of the neoconservatives
5 June 2004, Bouthaina Shaaban, The Daily Star


Politicians and the media exchange statements and articles about what happened and what is happening in Iraq, and whether it was possible to avoid a war that has proved to be disastrous on all levels, as well as unjust for Iraqi people.

Perhaps most important in this regard was the US Secretary of State Colin Powell's declaration that the information he received about weapons of mass destruction and the alleged mobile chemical laboratories in Iraq - on which he based a detailed survey presented to the United Nations Security Council early in 2003 - was not accurate.

But the important question that should be pondered in such a case is who are the people who deliberately gave misleading information and what were their objectives? Is it not highly likely that they could give other misleading information about other issues and other countries, and thus lead the United States toward further disastrous ventures incurring more calamities on the world? It is not a phenomenon that can be bypassed. When misleading information is delivered to the decision-makers of the world's military and economic superpower - deliberately or not - and is adopted by that sole superpower's administration as a basis to wage wars against nations, occupy countries, consequently commit war crimes, violate people's rights and sovereignty and violate international legitimacy, such a phenomenon should be questioned and investigated. Otherwise the whole world will be in real chaos.


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