Steve Gilliard: Blogging the DNC

Steve Gilliard writes:

If bloggers are going to learn how to cover a spot news event, this is the place and time, a relatively friendly event, lots of activity and a small city. Some folks will shine, some will not, but that's the way it is with news. Will we supplant the reporters? No. Because they will do what they do. Will there be a fresh voice for the news? Not really, because this isn't really a news event, so fresh is unlikely.

But, the reason people need to blog the DNC, and there are a lot more than 30 people going to cover this thing, is to learn what they can and cannot do. This is a good way to break into the big time of reporting on things and not just commenting on them. People shouldn't judge the DNC as a test of bloggers, per se, but a training experience, one hopes more like Taranto than Dieppe. There are a lot of smart, thoughtful people blogging, but few who have ever covered spot news.


Because the RNC will be serious business. There won't be time to learn and to figure things out. I expect serious confrontations and some open hostility to the RNC and their delegates. People will have to know what kind of risk they feel comfortable with, and things they can deal with. I wouldn't send any inexperienced people into New York's streets in August. It won't be smiles and pats on the back.

My approach to this is I will spend a day watching the circus, and then use the TV to start to discuss policy issues. I couldn't take four days of this stuff, but I owe all you kind people something more than what you can read on the news. Besides, I want to get some outlet clothes and cheap lobster.:) Hey, it's $10 on the bus each way. It's more expensive to go to the Hamptons.

I don't know how I'll handle New York yet, but I expect violence on a serious scale. From the cops and fire widows, to be honest, who will be protesting en masse.

Here are Steve's simple rules for blogging the DNC...

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