Dave Guindon was 48 years old

"It feels fantastic. It’s hard to explain it, it feels so good," Guindon said about being home, shortly after he arrived at Manchester Airport. "I’m just going to take today slow, wake up tomorrow, and see what it’s like to be back in a normal place."

... Sharon Guindon, Dave Guindon’s wife, said she was elated. While no definite plans for his return had been made yet, she said, the two plan to catch up on all the things that have happened during the past six months.

"I tell you, it’s such a big relief that he’s coming home," Mrs. Guindon said, adding later, "You don’t realize what they go through until you have someone over there."

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Part of the deployment process includes preparing families in advance for what to expect in the aftermath of their loved ones’ return.

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"We thought it was something we could do after they had some private time with families. I guess we realize - or I realize now - it needs to be sooner rather than later."
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Members of Guindon’s unit, including the three airmen who flew home with him Tuesday, were called in for grief counseling Wednesday provided through the Veterans Hospital.

21 August 2004, The Union Leader

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