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Note: The Editors are (is?) "on vacation" - but guests are taking care of the kittens. If this makes no sense to you, you must be a Poor Man virgin...

... don’t you think it's odd that those who are now supporting torture only did so after the president got involved in it? I mean, in a way, I’d sort of respect it if they held some kind of deep ideological defense of torture. But no, five years ago they were as against it as anyone. Next, torture was still bad, but the work of a few “bad apples.” Now, those apples are apparently good because torture is the only way to save the world from terror. I mean, think of it, if about half the country is willing to change their moral compass on torture – TORTURE- because the president likes it, what the hell won’t they change?

I mean, instead of all hemming and hawing, Bush may of well just have said he has to snort cocaine to fight the war on terror. I bet you anything Nat’l review would have a cover story on "The Powder of Freedom."

- JNelsonW

I’m filling in, along with some other fine folks from the internet, while the chief is in rehab. But, hey, do you miss the editors? I do. I wonder what he would be saying about stuff if he was still here? Something funny, no doubt. But listen people, here’s something that’s not so funny: Kitten addiction. I’ve seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by the insidious siren song of feline youth. So let’s all pray for the Editor’s speedy recovery. Or, I don’t know, what do you leftists do instead of praying? Curse America? Let’s all curse America for the editor’s speedy recovery.

- from JNelsonW as BigPicnic @ Big Picnic -

Over at The Poor Man the editors point out that the media will cover any white woman in distress story, as long as it doesn’t remind us of depressing details about the failing war effort. But I think the editors are being a little unfair: for example, in the episode where they interviewed the “runaway bride” for half an hour, the TODAY show devoted almost three minutes to War updates. Every minute devoted to the war risks putting them a minute behind CNN’s white-woman beat.

And sure they’ve devoted about 50 times more airtime to Lacy Peterson than recent proof that the march to war was a lie, but by our calculation the Peterson story is at least 300 times more important, if not fifteen thousand times more. And speaking of white women in distress, what the hell has Katie Holmes been up to in the past three minutes while they’ve been jabbering about car bombs? We just don’t know- We just don’t know!!

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