Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct

From Societas:

I have no objections to political junkies getting their fix. But now would be a good time to take brief break from bingeing. Your country really does need you. Chances are, to be brutally honest, nothing you do over the next few days will make a huge difference either way with Rove or Roberts– not unless you have access to information that even Patrick Fitzgerald or the White House does not. But you can make a huge difference– as a citizen and as blogger– with the Patriot Act.

This, as the saying goes, is a limited opportunity. Congress will vote to renew and possibly expand the Patriot Act today, tomorrow or early next week. This will all be over long before Roberts has a hearing, before Fitzgerald finishes his investigation.

If Congress renews or expands Section 215, as they seem intent on doing, you can kiss the 4th Amendment good-bye. What two World Wars and a Civil War could not accomplish, al-Qaeda and the cowardly leadership of George Bush will.

Please e-mail and/or call Congress. Please spread the word. Protect the 4th Amendment and your other rights. We are in the final hours for the Patriot Act. Take a brief break from the Rove-Roberts controversies, just a few hours, and defend your rights as American citizens.

billmon @ Whiskey Bar:

Kissing the 4th Amendment Goodbye

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