the world is full of possibilities

We keep hearing that we're on the verge of a World War. The drum beat started a while ago with Woolsey and his comrades, and now it's a part of the graphics on all of the television networks- and in the campaign rhetoric of Gingrich and Cheney.

Here's a theory.

We've got nuclear weapons. The Bush team has been talking about using them ever since we first invaded Iraq. It bears repeating that the U.S. is the ONLY country that has ever actually attacked another country using a nuclear weapon.

And it was during a World War.

Israel has nuclear weapons. If backed into a corner, who doesn't believe they wouldn't strike- as a last resort? That's why they have them!

Especially if it's going to help end a World War.

Just as it was necessary to inflate Saddam's imaginary cache of weapons into an imminent threat to America- to justify invasion and occupation...

we are now being prepared for the ultimate strike in the War on Terror- a nuclear bomb, whose aim will be to bring an end to World War III...

just as we bombed the Japanese to end the previous World War.

I'm not suggesting that there are definite plans to drop a bomb- who knows? But isn't this a pattern of the neoconservatives- to shape new paradigms first with words then by deeds?

"weapons of mass destruction." "shock and awe." "a different kind of enemy." "a different kind of war." "fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them here."

"World War III."

This is very dangerous rhetoric to justify a military solution that no sane world leader would even consider.

Imagine the consequences of a first strike.

Here are the players.

known possessors:
United States. Russia. France. Israel. United Kingdom. People's Republic of China. India. Pakistan.

suspected possessors:
North Korea. Iran.

likely possessors:
Saudi Arabia. Ukraine. Belarus. Kazakhstan. South Africa.

and probably others- who might have a bomb or two stashed away... somewhere.

- glassfrequency

Consider the Possibilities

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