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from: Mary @ The Left Coaster

Six weeks after starting a war in Iraq, Bush declared success. He'd gotten what he wanted: his very own war. One that he'd been looking forward to since before he became president, because then he would get to be a war president.

What did the Iraqis get? Well, they don't have Saddam to kick them around anymore. But they also don't have electricity, or clean water, or functional hospitals, or safety. So what did they get in exchange? They've had billions of their dollars sucked up by thieves and war profiteers. They are living with deadly militia and police that can't be trusted. Tens of thousands have lost their lives and cities have been turned to rubble.

They've learned to live with 4 or 5 hours of electricity a day, even in the worst of the Iraqi summer heat.

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Women have learned to live with wearing a hijab when they ventured away from their homes. Not because there are any laws that say they must wear the headscarf, but because it is too dangerous for themselves and their family if they don't.

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