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Christie Keith liveblogs the FDA

Bush appointees:
putting the con back into consumer protection since 2001

meanwhile, over at the Department of Health and Human Services

New HHS deputy secretary is Bush’s former debate prepper...


Richard Blair: Food Chain in Crisis

They’re killing the live animals that are contaminated, but they won’t issue a recall for those link sausages or chicken breasts that you’ve had in your freezer for the past month. And, nearly two months into this thing, they still can’t (or won’t) say if the melamine-laced protein enhancers made it into a human food manufacturing process. That’s patently bullshit - or should be. I’ve worked in the bulk raw materials industry, and I can tell you with a certainty that they should know every movement of these products through first, second, and probably third level distributors by shipment and lot number. Armed with that information, it doesn’t take a lot of CSI work to find out what food manufacturers may have used the products in human food production.

I’m not smart enough to know what the overall response should be at this point, but I do know that if this is how the Bush regime’s federal agencies would deal with a terrorist-inspired spiking of our food chain, we’re in some deep, deep trouble. This is sounding a lot like the Mayor of Amity telling the tourists that there are no problems - go ahead and take a swim and don’t worry about that shark fin out in the bay…

All Spin Zone

Putting the "F" Back in FDA
by Mike Nizza - The New York Times

. . . the agency says it is “overwhelmed” by the territory it is charged with policing, and the problem won’t be solved simply with a bigger budget or more regulatory power, the agency’s food safety chief, Robert E. Brackett, told The [Washington]Post:

“We have 60,000 to 80,000 facilities that we’re responsible for in any given year,” Brackett said. Explosive growth in the number of processors and the amount of imported foods means that manufacturers “have to build safety into their products rather than us chasing after them,” Brackett said. “We have to get out of the 1950s paradigm.”

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