watching you

(& listening, reading, analyzing, anticipating...)

Information Visualization is the direct visualization of a representation of selected features or elements of complex multi-dimensional data. Data that can be used to create a visualization includes text, image data, sound, voice, video - and of course, all kinds of numerical data. Our visual analysis systems also provide the tools to interact with the data that has been visualized so that users can explore, discover and learn. Users do not look at static images, but can subset the data, run queries, do time sequence studies and create categories and correlations of data type.

Current client base includes users in the fields of:

Battlefield Awareness
Competitive Intelligence
Enterprise Knowledge Management
Environmental Security
Intellectual Asset Management
Intelligence Analysis
Law Enforcement
Market Assessment
Medical Informatics
Medical Research
Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Research Program Management
Science and Technology Scanning
Translingual Text Analysis

  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Homeland Security

  • Battelle: Homeland Security

  • first posted: 4 April 2003

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