celebrity dust

From The elephant is in the room
- by Summer Burkes

I've got pet celebrities now. They’re from Hollywood and they’re in all these movies that some of us love very much. I’m not allowed to say how many of them there are, but it’s less than half a dozen.

One of the “pets” (as I call them) discovered Burning Man through a producer or agent or something friend of theirs, and went to the Website, and ravenously read through the whole thing, and came upon some stuff I wrote . . . and he decided that I’d be the perfect person to be his group’s Burning Man planner.

Yes, I said Burning Man planner. Yes, I got paid. A lot. And you know what? It was fun. Not all rich and famous people are douchebags, as it turns out.

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photo: Crude Awakening burns shortly after midnight Sunday @ Burning Man

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