culture of life?

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Folks, it’s time we did away with one of the strangely persistent myths about the Republican Party. You know the one I’m talking about. Yes, that one, that Republicans are somehow the “pro-life” party. I guess they are, at least in the sense that they oppose a woman’s right to control her reproductive organs and of anyone’s right to die with dignity in the wake of brain-death, but in no other sense could Republican policies be construed to be ”pro-life”, could they? Am I missing some big part of the Right that isn’t about killing people and blowing things up?
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Never mind that the civilian casualty numbers in Iraq have very likely reached a million dead. Never mind that there isn’t a single Right Wing policy initiative that isn’t founded on some form of selfishness or cruelty. The Republicans believe that they’re on the side of the angels, the guardians of “Life” in this country, and no amount of dead Iraqi children or sick and injured American children with no health care is going to change their thinking on that score.
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. . . and you have to wonder what, exactly, they think is an ideal society. They want to deny everyone access to any form of contraception, but then, in the event of unwanted pregnancies that may arise, there would be no legal abortions. Of course, when you have the unwanted child, you can’t get health care for it unless you’re wealthy or “lucky” enough to be pinned down by some mindless corporate job where you daren’t leave for fear of losing your health insurance.

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