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Glenn Greenwald takes on the NYT Op-Ed page:
[excerpts from updates to the post]

Republican authoritarian warmongers who swagger around in tough guy costumes- Friedman's Cheney and Dowd's Giuliani- are Real Men whom we need to keep us safe. Men who don't crave war are faggots and aggressive Democratic women are unshaven, threatening bitches. That's the core belief of the Beltway Religion of Seriousness, as practiced on Sunday so vividly by these NYT columnists.

Today's NYT Op-Ed page-standing alone- would be a superb museum exhibit for what has happened to our country. Also offered up today is this truly unbelievable Op-Ed jointly written by Michael O'Hanlon of the "liberal" Brookings Institution and Fred Kagan of the neoconservative AEI: "We need to think- now- about our feasible military options in Pakistan." They want to deploy Special Forces into Pakistan to steal their nuclear bombs and ship it all to New Mexico, or- failing that- to some super-secret place in Pakistan guarded by U.S. troops.

We continuously hear about how grave a problem is the Iranian nuclear program. It never seems to occur to the likes of Tom Friedman that- just as one might be motivated to buy a gun if one's neighborhood were infested with roving crime gangs- countries decide that it might be rational for them to acquire nuclear weapons given that the world's superpower is run by warmongering crazies such as Friedman, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Mike O'Hanlon and Fred Kagan. Deranged neoconservative militarism isn't the solution to nuclear proliferation; it's a cause.

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