Trent Lott Resigns

Trent Lott is the second from the right in this Cheerleading Squad photo
from the Ole Miss yearbook

Two of the quartet of "Singing Senators"
Baritone, Trent Lott & Lead Singer, Larry Craig

When Senator Lott became leader in 1996, he instituted "Seersucker Thursday" usually designated in the month of June. Nearly 30 senators put the stripes on last year. Lott has spiced things up recently, adding hot pink socks and matching tie to his outfit, which, according to southern tradition, always includes white bucks.

from the unfortunately-titled article: Suckers for Seersucker

photo sources:

  • Washington Whispers

    "It is [a sin] should try to show them a way to deal with that problem, just like alcohol... or sex addiction... or kleptomaniacs."
    - Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott on homosexuality - AP- 6/15/98

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    PR said...

    I'm waiting for some Republican necrophiliacs to come out now,all these other sexual pecadillos are becoming a little pedestrian.

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