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Avedon Carol on the "I" word:
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It turns out that Conyers, too, has 2008 disease. He sees it as so important that a Democrat should be elected to the White House - so important that a Republican be kept out - that not even saving the Constitution is worth risking that. And why does he think it's a risk? He thinks that impeachment would create sympathy for Bush.

Impeachment created sympathy for Clinton, it's true. Because everyone could see that it was wrong. The Republicans had nothing on him, and instead chose to try to wreck Clinton's marriage and publicly humiliate some intern because they felt like it, and they began impeachment hearings that two-thirds of the country opposed.

Well, two-thirds of the country does not oppose impeachment of George Walker Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney. In fact, a majority of Americans believe Bush and Cheney have committed numerous impeachable offenses and at the very least should be investigated for them, and impeached if the case is proven. Even something like a third of Republicans think they are criminals. And for most Democrats, it isn't even a question.

Conyers has been infected by the same madness that has corrupted the rest of the party, it seems. He's not on the take, he doesn't want any part of the Republican program, but he's surrounded by an overwhelming meme war run by GOP operatives who have convinced everyone on the Hill that impeachment of Bush/Cheney would exactly parallel the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

It's a lie. In the rest of the world, everyone knows they are entirely different things. People liked Bill Clinton and they didn't care about his sex life. They thought Starr and the Republicans were out of line because they were.

But people despise Cheney, and even a significant chunk of those who voted for Bush are now completely disgusted with him. They know these guys are wrecking our country and possibly the world. They understand that they're criminals. Impeachment hearings will only highlight the depths of their depravity.

What's there to have sympathy for? Illegal war? The murder of a million people who never threatened us? Torture? Contempt for our Constitution?

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If you're not reading The Sideshow every day, you're not keeping up. Best summary of what's being written- every day. And I'm not just saying that because she occasionally links to me (thanks!). An amazing blog. More than a blog, really. An attitude. A lifestyle. I want to be Avedon Carol. Go there now!

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