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Dave Neiwert @ Orcinus writes:

I've been trying to envision what Mike Huckabee's immigration plan-- the one calling for the deportation of 10 to 12 million "illegal immigrants" within a 120-day period-- would look like. After all, we're talking about truly enormous numbers. The logistics alone would be daunting: we're talking about rounding up and shipping out 100,000 people a day.

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And let's not forget that rounding people up is only the beginning-- there is, fortunately, such a thing as due process in America, even for non-citizens, which means that each one of these 10 to 12 million people will have to have their cases reviewed. In the meantime, they'll have to be placed in detention centers.

When you're talking about 100,000 people a day, you're talking numbers well beyond the capacity of any current holding facility or detention center operating in America. And because the need will be ostensibly short-term, that means we'll almost certainly once again be building temporary mass detention centers-- otherwise known as concentration camps.

Of course, this country already has some experience with that. And sure enough, in response simply to the increased demand under Bush's relatively modest push for illegal-immigrant roundups, we're building them again.

Just what kind of America is it that Mike Huckabee envisions? Has anyone thought about what this country will look like-- not just ethnically and racially, but ethically and morally-- after he has his 120 days?

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