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from digby:

I realize that it's impolite and impolitic to publicly excoriate intellectuals and policy experts who make huge mistakes like the Iraq war. I would imagine it makes relationships in the workplace and social circles quite unpleasant. But unless some standard is created and enforced, people will take advantage of the fact that nobody is ever held liable and will just keep doing this stuff for their own ends.

And their friends in the Village media will nearly always go along because according to their he said/she said construct, they have no obligation to ever sort out truth from lies. Each issue or policy question exists in its own vacuum. Therefore, credibility is irrelevant.

In this case it's patently obvious to anyone who's given even a perfunctory look at this, that the bloodthirsty neoconservatives have a track record over 30 years of exaggerating threats. It's what they do. Iraq was the first big time shooting war they actually achieved --- and look what happened. The intelligence services are far from perfect, and their assessments are hardly holy writ, but the neocons are completely and wholly lacking in credibility and honesty. They should never be taken seriously by anyone again.

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