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Avedon Carol - As it happens, CNN says Dem crossover voters [in the Michigan Primary] picked McCain, not Romney. I'm starting to worry about the danger of McCain, who many people who ought to know better still don't realize is just a war-mongering right-wing crackpot (whose "objections" to torture don't extend to actually voting against it).

  • sycophantic, petulant John King revealed

    Glenn Greenwald - It's not exactly a secret that the traveling press harbors bountiful, blinding love for John McCain . . .The next time you or your colleagues interview McCain, keep your affection to yourself; skip the part where you lavish him with praise; exercise journalistic skepticism; and just ask real questions.

  • swiftboating McCain

    DownWithTyranny - McCain is one of the least truthful men in American politics. He lies the way other people breathe-- and he is very successful at getting away with it. The national media has consistently given him a free ride over the decades. They like him because he's "accessible." After he was caught taking bribes (as part of the Keating 5 scandal) he rescued his political career, with the help of the corporate media, by re-styling himself as an anti-corruption maverick. And yet, he's a darling of K Street and well-known as someone with the ethics of a mobster.

    CNN transcript - 1/15/08

    The Situation Room's Wolf Blitzer with CNN Senior Political Analyst (& American Enterprise Institute Resident Fellow) William Schneider

    BLITZER: What about the issue of McCain voters? What do they say on this matter of personal qualities vs. issues?

    SCHNEIDER: McCain voters said personal qualities, just as they did in New Hampshire. For them, it wasn't the issues. It was McCain's personal appeal.

    We have seen in state after state -- well, they have only been two states, really -- where McCain has been highly competitive, but in both of those states, John McCain supporters say they like him, they're personally attracted to him, and they like his personal appeal, but they're not issue voters or ideological voters or even values voters. What they like about McCain is him personally.

    BLITZER: And among those who voted for McCain, what do they say they like most about him?

    SCHNEIDER: What are those personal qualities? Good question.

    Well, number one, as in New Hampshire, he says what he believes. They like that about McCain. Number two, they think he has a lot of experience. He's been around national politics. He knows national security. But notice that the least important of the three qualities, shares my values.

    Values voters are not particularly attracted to John McCain. Again, the vote for McCain in Michigan, as it was in New Hampshire, is a highly personal vote -- Wolf.

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