no humans available?

What sort of veterinarian would be willing to intentionally irradiate primates for Homeland Security research dollars? Anthrax research is so 2001- we're preparing for nuclear attack now.

Mark Cline, DVM, PhD
Wake Forest University School of Medicine

The Primate Studies Core will facilitate the conduct of late-stage preclinical studies of radioprotectants or mitigators of radiation damage in nonhuman primates, following the specific priorities of the consortium. Because of the high degree of genetic and physiologic similarity of nonhuman primates to human beings, this resource is a critical component of translational assessment of candidate deliverable agents, in an experimental setting under which relevant doses of whole-body irradiation can be given to healthy subjects.

Core investigators have unique skills in the experimental use and clinical medicine of nonhuman primates including irradiation; veterinary medical care and management of myelosuppressed animals; comparative pathology of primates; pathology of radiation injury; biochemistry, clinical pathology and endocrinology of primates; and adaptation of molecular biologic techniques to the primate model. Core services will include acquisition and maintenance of specific-pathogen-free primates, exposure of animals to radiation, administration of therapeutic interventions, and clinical and pathologic assessments of treatment outcomes in nonhuman primates, including necropsy and tissue collection and sharing for baseline characterization of radiation responses and assessment of mitigating interventions.


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