from lambert @ Corrente:

. . . even leaving aside the right wing talking points, what really frosts me about Obama’s language is the vacuous buzzwords—buzzwords that have all the depth of a ringtone and which, when examined, turn out to be either morally corrupt or intellectually dishonest.

Take Unity—please. Unity for what? Yes, we can what? What can Unity possibly mean in practice except continuing to give the same party that turned us into a nation of torturers and is still busily trying to destroy the Constitution veto power over all our policies?

That’s immoral.

What we ought to be hoping for is that Republicans face justice, that their brand is destroyed for a generation. We shouldn’t be re-legitimizing them after they’ve done so much to delegitimize themselves.

Or take Transformational, which seems to be replacing Unity, now that it’s worn out. Transform to what? Is the idea that America’s first woman President wouldn’t be (somehow) transformational? If so, that’s intellectually dishonest.

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