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Lance Mannion has an Obama problem [Avedon!]

Lance writes:
If you don't like Hillary Clinton, fine, but that's no reason for me to like or prefer Obama.

If you just like him better, that's also fine, but still no reason for me to dislike or root against Clinton.

To a degree all our votes are based on hope and fear. We don't know what any politician will do or will be able to do once in office. Sometimes they do exactly what they promised to do, but that's usually only in the case of those who have promised to do very little.

So I don't discount your hopes or your fears. What I want are some very specific reasons to prefer Obama that are based on what he says he will do, besides magically bring us all together with the power of his wonderfulness.

What's he going to do that Clinton won't do? [more]

my comments

Has anyone written about Obama versus Hillary in terms of the expanded powers of the presidency-- post-George W Bush?

The Presidency is no longer what it was in the 90s when Bill was in office.

Hillary might actually be able to muscle her health care plan into being in a way that couldn't have happened during the Bill Clinton years-- before the metamorphosis of the presidency toward a unitary executive mode of governing.

I don't hear anyone campaigning on turning back the clock-- to pre-Bush II presidential power.

What will Obama do with this power?

What will be the role of a Vice President-- after Dick Cheney?

What exactly are we electing-- in 2008-- in terms of real power? ( Look at all that Bush has gotten away with in the last seven years!)

Who do you trust more with this much power-- considering both the candidates and their potential cabinets?

I don't believe that everyone is considering just how much change has already occurred-- in the job descriptions of all who will occupy the executive branch.

(And it wasn't 9/11 that changed everything. The Party that has been planning this power grab for decades will not easily surrender. What do we need now-- an appeaser? or a fighter.)

~ glassfrequency

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