reality check

from ddjango @ Corrente

You can hope all you want, but here's what's likely:

  • there will be a serious, perhaps nuclear attack on Iran in the near future

  • the middle-east/asian situation will dangerously deteriorate

  • global ecology will continue to disintegrate exponentially

  • the national and global financial and economic system will continue its move into meltdown

  • true power will further concentrate into fewer hands

  • technology's developmental pace will lessen the value of the human spirit and be used more to control humans than enhance our lives

  • standard of living and quality of life will noticeably deteriorate

  • the US government will deepen fascism and concentrate further on social control
    . . . . .

    Of necessity, I have abandoned hope that these events will not take place and these currents will weaken or reverse. I prefer sanity to hope. If for you, hope is all that is keeping you sane, you're standing on very shaky ground. I have not "lost" hope, by the way... I have voluntarily shunned it. I. Am. Free.

    Free? Yes, free. The logic is simple: if (a) "freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose" and (b) I have nothing because all I had was hope and now I don't have that, (c) I'm free.

    Here's the catch, however: freedom depends on personal responsibility. If I give up hope, all that's left is you and me. My choice is to be responsible for myself. But I am not being responsible for myself if I am being irresponsible where you are concerned. In spite of what Thatcher and Reagan said, we are a society, we humans.

    I think in the coming months and years, we must reject hope, embrace reality, and simply help each other survive with as much gentility, dignity, and care as we can muster.

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