$10,000,000 dollars a year

"... and the coming train called entitlements -- who's going to pay for people like me as I move into my senior years -- with Social Security and Medicare?"

~ Tom Brokaw, MSNBC 8/26/08
[commenting on all of the challenges to be faced by an incoming new president.

Tom Brokaw-- just a 68 year old regular guy worried about how he'll get by in his senior years-- after 38 years as an NBC news anchor, host and correspondent-- where he was receiving a salary in excess of 10 million dollars per year when he "retired" from the Nightly News in 2004.

Tom's written at least six bestselling books and continues to work part time jobs-- as host of NBC's Meet The Press and as a commentator for MSNBC-- but like so many people his age, he probably has no choice but to continue working-- just to make ends meet.

A homeless Tom Brokaw without health insurance would be such a tragedy. He seems genuinely worried about his financial future.

[Anyone want to take a stab at his net worth? No one on network or cable "news" speaks for the average American. No one.]

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Anonymous said...

What is particularly disgusting about Brokaw's comment is that he talks about "entitlements" as something terrible. He then goes on to ask "Who's going to pay for all this?"

Like so many, he makes it sound as if Social Security and Medicare are huge boondoggles we can't afford.

Who's going to pay for them? The reality is that they've already been paid for by the people who have been led to believe they'll get something in return.

Social Security has been running huge surpluses for years. If the government had invested all that money, there would be no problem. Instead, it's been squandering it.

AAFR has a good commentary on why we shouldn't use the term "entitlements."

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