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11 August 2008

If you look at U.S.-manufactured elections abroad (by organizations like the Global Strategy Group- in Belgrade, in Georgia...), you see development of large youth movements as a central strategy. For voting, yes- but also (in every case) for intimidation when necessary; for fundraising; for quick mobilization when large crowds are needed; and ultimately for government service- including both military and civil service.

(A group might be a list of signatures- or bank account numbers; an online social network; a stadium full of people; or the endless streams of reinforcing commentary found in forums and on blogs.)

Groups are even called to protest- civil disobedience- when election outcomes are not as desired. (Georgia was a coup by crowd intimidation.) In our own election in 2000- on a smaller scale- we saw this tactic used in Florida.

There are strategies developed and implemented- around the world- by coalitions made up of U.S. government agencies, members of BOTH major political parties, and organizations from the Right and the Left.

The SAME PLAYERS who work to "influence" elections internationally also run America's domestic elections.

Other features- used internationally: mobilization of the Internet- and control of the messages getting out; coordination of cell phones/text messaging; and the constant repetition and display of one word slogans (in every case)-- posters, hats, t-shirts, billboards. In one country it might be "Resist"- in another "Hope" or "Change."

I have believed since the beginning of the Obama Movement- and it is a coordinated movement- that the outcome of this election will be affected, if not wholly determined, by the same playbook we use in foreign elections.

Read the articles about Belgrade and Georgia. Then consider that we are being manipulated like we've never been manipulated before-- as if we were citizens in a foreign country-- manipulated by the same operatives and organizations that design and influence foreign elections.

That's why Obama is moving to the right on some issues, and McCain is moving to the left on others.

There is an intentional blurring of left and right so that whichever candidate wins, global plans will not be affected.

They're both even talking about the possibility of having running mates from the "opposing" party!

All the advisors- at the highest levels- are working toward broad geopolitical goals that have very little to do with domestic policy (which will be centrist at best no matter who is elected).

As a nation, we're broke! Don't expect non-military spending increases from anyone without sacrifice.

This election has gone on- literally- for YEARS now. The longer the elections last (by design) the greater the chance of achieving desired outcomes. And as soon as this election is decided, the next one will begin.

And the average person won't pay much attention to anything that's happening on the military bases, at the oil fields and pipelines, in secret prisons...

It's all global now; but if you like, you can pretend that it's 1858 (when the debates mattered) or 1968 (when conventions last mattered). It might even be comforting- to pretend that nothing's changed. Most of my family is like that, and I don't talk about global politics with them.

But it might help to be aware of what's being done in our name- TO us - if we want to save what's left of our 18th century political ideals (of democracy!)

And don't be surprised- I know I won't be- when Obama's foreign policy disappoints you. The chess pieces will be moved around a little- but the Empire will carry on-- for as long as it is able to survive.

Obama's "people" are the same old guys who've been moving the chess pieces around for years.

No candidate (any more) is talking about taking us back to the way things used to be. No one.

On a positive note, I believe that the "desired outcome" for this election is for Obama to win. I believe that it was already decided - in 2004 - when he charmed us with "the speech."

Everything since has been theatre.

~ glassfrequency

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