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"It is a hideous set of choices before us, caused not by the group of people who are revealing secrets, but by what has been revealed to be inept, corrupt and malevolent leadership across the spectrum of the governing class, whose purpose in keeping these secrets seems to have more often than not been to thwart democratic norms, cover their massive mistakes or enrich themselves.
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People feel very strongly about this on all sides and that's fine. But I do think that there is one thing we should all agree on: the appalling open calls for Julian Assange's assassination are barbaric authoritarianism at its worst. (The obvious attempt to smear him as a sexual predator for alleged condom failure fall into the same category.) The man put some documents on the internet and there is a vigorous global debate going on about it. If there was ever a case for public servants and the media (which should all clearly be on the side of Wikileaks, in my opinion) to be circumspect in their language it's in this case. I'm astonished that these calls for murder are so casually accepted. (But then, we are living in a country in which torture is accepted, so I'm probably foolish to keep clinging to these silly notions about civilized, democratic behavior.)"


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