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Jesse :

Okay, so as virtual nobodies, we've learned a valuable lesson. Knowing about parties does not garner you a way in to parties.


I arrived yesterday after an interminably long drive and countless quaint, Northeastern towns (one of which provided me with excellent Mexican food, further proof that culinary globalization is unstoppable and we must all bow before the alter of Chipotle). Gaining access to the Fleet Center -- protected as it was by all manner of men in camo and men in body armor and men with firearms (overheard at a security meeting: "The code word is aqua, aqua. What? Yeah, we'll have five minutes to get ice cream before we go.") -- made me feel like an enormously proficient spy, a warm glow that rendered the whole trip worthwhile.

As for the main event, meeting that jackass of a co-blogger, it's gone really well. Jesse, as most of you have no doubt gleaned from the site, is ridiculously funny, extremely quick, highly personable and a generally pleasant person to be around. I could have hardly picked a better co-blogger. Also, he's significantly better-looking than that picture he posted here. Our first TV show can't be far behind. Our first joint picture will be up later today.

For now, it's off to the blogger breakfast, where stars will abound and bloggers will be treated like the important people we think we are. Yes, the Convention is merely a stage, gussied up to ensure viewers associate Democrats with balloons and bold colors, but so long as they keep making our bit parts seem so critical to success, I have little doubt that we'll all be co-opted into relentlessly supporting the left's agenda and senselessly bashing the President.

Oh, wait...

Jesse :

Us young whippersnappers are sitting in our little space at the top of the Fleet center, and I'm rapidly getting the feeling that most of my convention memories are going to have the hard square plastic of laptop monitors as frames for those magical moments.

Right now, children are singing "This Land Is My Land", unironically, as someone from Canton resides upon the Megatron (I have no idea what to call this thing, as it's larger than anything I've seen outside of an outdoor football stadium, and even then, not as large).

This morning there was a blogger breakfast, one of the series of events that has been inexplicably dedicated to the awesome power of the blogger. Barack Obama and Howard Dean spoke (I even got to ask Howard a question, which I'll get to later), as well as an AP reporter now blogging and one of Kerry's old shipmates from Vietnam.

I'm just kind of spaced out now, but a few media impressions - Al Franken literally performs when he does his radio show, even with a media horde in front of him. Sean Hannity is a dick, but Jesus is he an ebullient dick - and he almost bumped into me, which might have started an incident. Actually, from an informal poll of bloggers, I really don't think anyone would have thought that reflected poorly on me. Again, we're excitable gossip-mongers, so take that as you will.

Apparently, there's an interview set up with David Brock at some point - I'm also trying to get a few reporters and Democrats on the tip. There's also some ruminations on the point of blogging at the convention, etc., but right now I just need to do this data dump.

Head...full of...meaningless crap...must not talk about...Dan Rather'

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