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Digby writes:

I gather that Theresa Heinz-Kerry was rude to a reporter for a right wing rag that has been smearing her all over Pennsylvania for the last year and that there are a lot of totally, like, cool parties that people want to go to but can't get in to but maybe they'll get into if they meet the right cool person who can get them in. And it was fine for all the media celebs to go to a ballgame but it was a total disaster for Kerry to do so. All of this is a sign of Democratic haplessness.

Meanwhile, the "drama" of the first night  is whether any of the speakers will deviate from what are alleged to be Kerry's direct orders not to "trash" Bush. It's ex-president's (and shouldhavebeen president) night and you never know what those crazy left wing kooks are going to do.  Will Carter tell Bush to go fuck himself?  Will Al Gore tell the GOP to shove it? Will Bill call Junior and Dick major league assholes? Who knows? But it's so exciting watching the media speculate about it. Because if the Democrats  do deviate from Kerry's direct orders,  you know what that means.  The Democrats are in ... disarray. Which means that the mediawhores can just read from all the scripts of Democratic conventions from the last 40 years and concentrate on those fantastic parties.

One little observation: if you get into those allegedly cool parties they are usually populated by people you criticize harshly on a daily basis. Perhaps once you meet them, though, you won't want to trash them on a daily basis because they were, like, so totally cool at that party you got into. That's the dynamic of Washington socializing and it leads to ... Richard Cohen. Frankly, the only blog report of parties I' m truly interested in are Wonkette's.  She is, after all,  a professional.

If somebody wants to take a different tack they might think about trying to get into some uncool parties --- like where the delegates from Ohio go. They aren't very glamorous, but they are the blogworld's much beloved grassroots of the Democratic party. Maybe they would have an interesting, non-blogging, non-media, non-celebrity take on this crazy democracy thing.

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